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Reviving Tradition Through Craft Transformation



Preserving Taiwan's Cultural Crafts: Bridging Tradition and Modernity


Taiwan's unique cultural crafts face a fading legacy amid the challenges posed by modernization and depopulation. While traditional craftsmen seek to adapt, a new generation of designers strives to infuse heritage into contemporary designs. Yet, the absence of a systematic model or integrated platform hinders the industry's progress. To bridge the gap and breathe new life into Taiwan's cultural crafts, a unified approach is needed – one that combines the best of tradition and modernity to shape the future.


Desk Research

Target Users:   Understanding what are Taiwanese traditional craftsmen struggling with.

Taiwan's Cultural Crafts at Risk


Once the cornerstone of economic growth, Taiwan's cultural crafts now face decline as their rich heritage, history, and aesthetic value have been overshadowed by economic considerations. The challenge is to preserve this endangered legacy, transcending the economic framework to embrace its cultural significance.

Why is it important to preserve Taiwan’s cultural crafts?

Taiwanese Craftsmanship: A Missing Innovation Link


Taiwan's traditional craftsmen and young designers are collaborating to inject new life into traditional culture. However, the industry lacks an integrated platform and traditional craftsmen need innovative marketing techniques. Bridging these gaps is vital to preserving traditional craftsmanship and nurturing contemporary creativity.

What are Taiwanese traditional craftsmen struggling with?

User Research

Stakeholder Map

Target users: Understand the concerns of various stakeholders in the industry

Problem Statement

Cultural craft is diminishing

Traditional cultural crafts are on a decline, and this diminishing trend extends its repercussions to communities reliant on craft tourism, resulting in a decrease in their economic vitality and cultural heritage preservation.

New designers lack access to traditional crafts

Emerging designers often face barriers in accessing and collaborating with traditional craftsmen. Breaking down these walls is crucial to preserve cultural heritage, fuel innovation, and empower designers and artisans alike.

'How Might We' Statement

How might we create a new model so that traditional crafts can break away from the existing framework?



Lam aims to create a reference model for transforming traditional cultural crafts, focusing on "Taiwan Hakka Blue Dyeing Craft." By employing systematic service design, it aims to develop products that encompass practicality, sensory appeal, intrinsic value, and spiritual depth, reinvigorating traditional heritage for contemporary relevance.

System Map

Design Model


Transformation Design Example

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