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Service Design, UI/UX Design



Service Design, User Experience Design, UI Design


Elevating Drones, Expanding Tourism



Barriers in Drone Rental


In today's market, drones pose challenges due to their cumbersome nature, technical complexity, and government flight regulations, limiting their user base. Existing camera rental platforms have also struggled to address these issues, resulting in significantly lower drone rental enthusiasm compared to traditional cameras.


Desk Research

Target Users:   Understanding what are drone rental companies struggling with

Elevate Tourism with Drone Power


Drones have become omnipresent, adding a new dimension to photography and videography. Their ease of use and commercial potential are revolutionizing tourism marketing. Virtual tourism, enhanced by VR technology, offers immersive experiences of global destinations, making exploration accessible to everyone.

How drones revolutionize tourism marketing?

Hurdles in Tourist Drone Rentals.


Renting drones to tourists presents challenges. Tourists' growing interest in drone use adds complexity, requiring active involvement in trip planning, in-trip activities, and post-production. Consumers of drone content face regulatory, ethical, and technical hurdles, making rentals demanding yet holding business potential.

What are drone rental company struggling with?

User Research

Target users: Understand the user journey of the drone renters



Mission Statement

Unlocking Marketing Potential through Drone Rentals

In today's tech-savvy world, aerial photography has seamlessly integrated into the tourism industry, offering breathtaking views and experiences. However, these tools often demand professional knowledge and skills to harness their full potential. As tourist destination management organizations recognize the innovative marketing possibilities in vacation drone videos, renting drones at tourist attractions emerges as a promising avenue for business growth.

Enhancing the Tourist Drone Rental Experience

The current state of tourist drone rentals leaves much to be desired. The service lacks convenience and is often marred by complexity, remote locations, and exorbitant pricing. It's imperative to overhaul the entire experience to make it more accessible and user-friendly for tourists.

'How Might We' Statement

How might we transform travel marketing through seamless short-trip drone rentals?


User Flow


Flyby aims to enhance the experience of aerial photography rentals by partnering with local businesses in tourist destinations, making it convenient to capture stunning shots anywhere. The service also offers a platform for sharing photography results, contributing to the promotion of tourism marketing.


UI Interaction Overview

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